Wood Stove Project

So my first confession for this stove is, it ain't pretty! AND I'M NOT PERFECTIONIST ANYMORE  Hehehe!!  After all, it's made from metal scrap yard scraps and all i did was do some cutting to straighten some edges, and welded them together.

THIS STOVE IS HEAVY DUTY EVERYTHING LOL! I picked up a portion of what I believe to be part of a city municipal water pipe. It has a 14 inch OD and the walls are almost a centimeter in thickness.  I used 1" flat iron to fabricate the fire grate so it would have less of a chance of sagging after many good fires. However, I only made a 3 inch galvanized starting chimney that I have fashioned a .5 galvanized sheet metal flue for.

I grabbed a farmers broken disc for a bottom not realizing it was tempered hardened steel. Learning a lesson now about cutting and welding it!

On the left, after trying to trim off the excess disc, I gave up and cut slots to stick the legs through and weld them to the body of the stove! The hole in the bottom of the disc is going to be my clean out drop into a waiting flat pan to dump ashes from!

I had decided to only put 3 legs on it so I wouldn't have to worry about it wobbling or teetering where ever I put it because here in the Philippines most floors are slanted for water run off or just plain uneven!

Below shows the clean out section! Combo air feed for the fire!

So, two more steps, create spring type door handles and weld them on, and, grind, wire brush, sand or do whatever it takes to clean up the outside so it isn't quite as ugly!

Because this is one heavy stove, probably weighs about 45 to 55klg's I put rollers on the legs in order to move it around.

You can see a heavy ripple in the side of the wood stove, this is because I had to chip off about a millimeter or more of layered rust before the finished paint job!