Kia 2500 Conv. pg.4

Starting the top rack project. I had drawn a preliminary design in my MS Paint program as I do for all of my creations and fabrications.

Laying it out in my limited area of a shop/carport!

Laying out and measuring for even widths of the cross bars.

I can say that, as much as I like DIY'ing things, this top rack was a huge project and an endevor I only imagined I might be able to do. It was a challenge with all the welding of galvanized pipe involved which if you don't know, the gasses created from welding galvanized can be hazerdous if your not aware of it. Always try to weld on the upwind side so you do beathe in any fumes while welding.

Finally got to the point where all the side bars were tacked, and I could raise it up for some more welding.

I decided to make the rack self supporting on the four u type legs on each side.

So these last 4 pictures shows how I mounted the top rack to the Kia. The Kia body is not suitable for the mounts to hold the weight of the rack and anything else that could be a load, so I got smart as I was fabricating it and put those 4 legs on each side that the weight of the rack actually sits on, and the mounts are just to keep the rack in position.