Outside the Camper

Below is the picture of the new spare tire lock and on the right is the single wheel post for moving the camper around.

My homemade awning is 7.6ft wide and 6ft long away from the camper. It is designed with 1.5inch Aluminum L and galvanized and PVC pipe to hole the canvas. To wind it up I installed a 90 deg. drill motor attachment that works well with any electric power source. I will be adding a manual crank option in the near future. The down pole for the legs are telescoping aluminum tent poles and the horizontal poles holding the canvas taunt out the 6ft are actually spear fishing telescoping poles and I've added a turn knob on the end to hold them in the angle aluminum that runs the length of the canvas in the end. And I also mounted 4 clamps that I secure the awning with on the opposite side of the camper so we have our choice what side we want to put it on. I will be fashioning another awning and then we will have one on each side.

I need to mention the four cornered legs for stability of the camper I bought thru Amazon to set the camper down on in a level and stable condition.

This is a solar rack I built to fit the size of solar panels I had purchased. It holds 2 - 100watt and 2 - 120 watt panels. There is a movable cross section that allows me to re-adjust it for say four 120watt panels instead of the two 100watt. Also, I have 2 mounts were poles fit in on the front of the camper so I can have it attached and stabilized by the camper if I want.

I had thought about what I wanted to write on the side of the camper and had gone thru several phrases and names and one morning it hit me while I was lying in bed. I would call this camper "The M' ark" for "The Mobile Ark" like Noah's Ark. But also Mark's Ark.  And of course, it is my name.

The center of my aluminum mags were empty before, but I've bought to center-caps now. Much nicer looking.

In the picture above is the finished front with rain sealing silver aluminum tape all around.

In this picture above are the two rear area lights for cooking at night or just general use at night.

I decided to paint the aluminum hatch doors for the front window and AC purple.

Above you'll see a new item. I made four foundations that will go under the stability legs once we take the camper to it's next location. They are made with concrete and inside is mesh to help with strength.

Below you can see the new wheel covers my wife sewed together for me after I did the measuring and cutting of the naugahyde material. This is to keep those nasty UV rays of the sun from aging the tires while they just sit still in the resting place. 

Below you can see the two different positions the new window covers can be put in. The lower position is for when it's raining.

Above is the view of the awning with the window cover at halfway down.

I have now installed some eyelets on the front wheel cover which will allow me to cable it in place to avoid it coming up missing perhaps.

On the left is the demonstration of the alarm system, on the right is the activation LED to tell you if its armed. When the system is triggered, all of the lights you see in the demonstration video blink on and off until it is either disarmed or times out!

The new wheel covers from the side view.

Are you wondering about this bar style chest? When I turn the rear stairs for entering the camper upside down and slide them back into the holder, this tall chest fits perfectly on top and it can be loaded with various things in the side long door where I made it to hold table tops and also in the top as you can see. And it is held to the back of the camper with a ratchet strap.

I have two options for a canopy/awning on the back of the camper. This is one above, and below is the other style.

I had my wife sew a curtain type pocket across the back edge so I could insert a piece of Aluminum L bar for the vertical and horizontal supports. You can see it under the canopy in the very right picture above.

I will update these rear awning pictures when we park the camper in an open place because it's quite busy here inside of my carport. This awning I bought for the rear straps down on top of the roof at the back, is 6ft wide and extends out 9ft from the rear with two poles that you can stake with tent stakes if you want, The awning is constructed with 3 fiberglass cross rods to make it good and solid.

These pictures show the lighting I have positioned for highlighting the outside at night.

These blurry colored lights are actually the running lights on the side and back, and the running light of tail lights. The tail-lights have two vertical blue lights beside them, one one each side of both taillights.

In the above picture it shows the four side running lights I installed in an aluminum L and then riveted it on the side trim.

So I finally got the wallpaper I ordered from online and it's polypropylene a vinyl like material. I have this side done now and here's the results. The closeup on the left is my finished look after spraying a clear coat of lacquer on it.

And these two pics are the new braking actuator and single hitch wheel on the tongue. And the other nice thing is that while this looks rather ugly, it does provide an emergency parking brake and an optional wedge for backing up so the brakes don't engage.

Just above is an example of the inside table tops being able to be set up outside on the other utility top.