Suzuki Van Chrome add-ons

There are many chrome updates. To start with I installed chrome plating for all of the door handles rear and sides!

Then I installed chrome mirror covers.

So, above, besides and below right, of this text box you can see in  between the doors and rear window are door post stainless steel plating I custom cut to fit as the kit was hard to find so I improvised by buying from a local stainless seller, leftover sheeting of stainless steel.

The pictures on both sides and just above of this text box show the extra chrome window molding I installed.

On the left it shows the 30mm hood and body moldings that meet at the hoods edge that highlights the front of the van.

The above picture shows the van body before I put the 5mm center body line chrome on. And to the right you'll see the after affect!

On each side of this text box you'll see above the cameras a light that's part of the  surround lighting. The rear of the van now has 3 cameras. One for reverse function center above the license plate . And one on each corner above the rear door for area viewing when traveling or sitting still and being inside the van with all curtains and shades closed.

Above is the chrome molding I put on the back door.

These two pictures above show my added 4 X 4  chrome body molding stickers! One on the front and one on the rear.

In all the pictures below you can now see the complete lift height of my all-around 3 inch lift.

At a later date I will upgrade the tires and rims to reflect a more rugged look for a 4X4 wheel configuration. I've decided to only do 14 inch tires as 15 inch are just too big in an all-terrain tire.