KIA 2500 Conversion

The first upgrade was a radio! As you can see in the pictures above, it came with no radio! Had to get on the internet and find what info I could on the KIA standard wiring because it had din plugs ready and I needed to know what ones were for what! The radio is a WiFi, Bluetooth with USB and GPS capability!

In the pictures below, I demonstrate my new backup camera activated! You get to see my dirty workshop hehehe!

So, I had pictures of the window tint somewhere, but you can see it in the full pictures. Had a Gold tint put on all the windows except the windshield. Then as you can see here, I installed rain guards over the cab windows and bought a super nice sunscreen windshield blocker. I also installed the sunblock banner on the outside, not an easy 1 person task I might add.

This is the inside as we bought it with row seating that could hold about 16 people, I soon removed it for the next phase!

The next phase was insulation in the inside cavities, just a tin foil covered on both sides 10mm poly-foam I guess it is, very firm. Then covered with the 1/4 inch plywood painted on both sides. The floor got the same and covered with 3/4 inch plywood. I have to complain about the Philippine imported Chinese crap, so bad. The plywood can break very easily between layers. Pic on the left shows me testing the size of our 34 liter compressor run chest frig. 

I proceeded to un-convert out Suzuki mini van as you can see on it's own pages to use everything I could from it. This is the bed setup expanded to a full size from a 36 inch pull-out!