More of the Suzuki

My wife finished putting the material I asked her to pick out on the cushions for the seat and bed. Later pictures you'll see we changed to a more durable fabric.

This picture above is looking down the floor at the Refrigerator cover.

So when the seats are in the bed position, it gives us 5'4" without moving the drivers and passengers seats forward. If we do move them forward we can have 5'9" of space. I'm 5'9" tall...

Well, after finding out how fragile the material is we originally covered the seat covers in, we decided to change to a less fragile material!

Now on the right, the grey hose going up and over is where the sink drain goes when not in use.

On the left is one battery showing and the electrical assembly panel that connects things. I have since stacked both 150Ah LI batteries on top of each other to add additional storage space under the seat/bed.

Above is a picture of the backup camera activated for the reverse gear!

The cockpit of the Van! So, I recently upgraded the steering wheel to a Momo steering wheel. Here's the standard steering wheel comapison below, before the upgrade!