Suzuki 4WD Van Continued

The above pictures were me testing the skeleton bed foundation opened up with some spare 3 inch foam we have. I didn't mention the long thin looking panel just below the sink is a fold up extendable counter panel of which I need to take a picture of it yet! Will do soon.

This is the finished bed frame with 5/8's plywood, varnished and trimmed in Aluminum L. I mounted 2 fold down legs at the edge of the bed slide out to support the extended bed frame. The plywood is mounted on 4 regular drawer sliders laid on their sides.

You may not have noticed I decided to go with a USB rechargeable faucet setup so the original black faucet is gone, replaced with the white auto pump built in. It's actually the kind you set on top of a 19 liter water container to pump the water out.

These 3 pictures above are the 12v and USB outlets in the van, one in front, and one in back.

And so today, December 14th, I finished the bed section with a 36 inch pull out drawer for kitchen use to hold a gas burner or two and other. It has two locking positions, halfway and all the way out!