Inside the Camper

So this is what I decided to change the Center-car into and it was a year and eight month process, but not everyday!

See if you can notice the transformation in the kitchen with a wine glass / combo towel rack as you view the sequence of pictures.

This was one of my first lighting ideas and then as we progressed I put in one like can light over the seats instead of magnetic USB charged lights that didn't last a long time.

I had decided to change the faucet from an electronic actuated one (touch to turn on) to a collapsible chrome one.

So right above is a low powered exhaust fan just for air flow from back to front and out. Help vacate any heat.

This middle picture is the cooking range exhaust hood I built myself.

Now you can see some improvement in the kitchen, faucet change, sink storage rack and in the back a wine rack. Left shows the cooking area collapsed. Also the blue accent lights are on.

On the right the cooking shelf that is Formica-ed with the same as the counter top is folded down and has a dual burner Colman stove on top.

This is the full size bed with the seat cushions long ways. I actually lay them sideways to the walls and it makes a more stable bed foundation. We are using 3"(inch) Uratex that is firm, but comfortable.

In this picture above you can almost see the bed option that pulls out to accommodate a single bed sleeper.

Here I put two portable Butane gas burners on the cooking shelf to check for sizing.t on everything else.

This is our 20" TV with an internet box for anything WWW. We watch a lot of videos in You Tube as I feel the regular TV services are only piped in propaganda from MSM, and it's true if you do the research!

This is a view of the front from the back. You can kind of notice my home built range hood now accented in metallic purple wall paper. On the right are just some utility work lights still hanging there, only temp.

This is a view front to back. You can see the corner of the cooking shelf bottom right.

In the above picture you can see my Bookshelf Stereo set which is powered by a nearby 12v power source and removable. It can be used for the TV, or Bluetooth connect, USB, SD etc.

These two above are looking through the mosquito net into the camper from the outside.

This is a shot of one of the tables in place for dining. looking towards the front from the back.

I recently added the smoke detector that's in this picture. And you can see the canister light too that I have one of on each side.

Here's a close up of the fold down cooking shelf I installed for just about any kind of burners. It can have an LPG double Coleman stove as you can see in other pictures, or two separate canister gas burners as seen in this picture. I also modified a thick wooden cutting board to fit into the kitchen sink for added work space.

And of course above you can see the auto-drip coffee maker and our rice cooker personalized for two. And the drop in cutting board for the kitchen sink. And now the wine glass rak/combo towel rack too.

Can you see the strap in front of the frig on the left to pull it out from under the counter? You can see our porta-potty in this picture.

This is the kitchen area where on the right you have the storage area for silverware and dishes. 

In the two left pictures above is the inside shower head and a shelf for utility use.

And of course the AC unit and above are three solar panel storage racks.

Can you see the little storage pockets I put in at the end of the seats for TV remotes and phones?

In the above picture is one of the two dining tables I made topped with Formica and trimmed in aluminum trim.

These top four pictures are looking inside from the front towards the back showing the interior design. You can see I have provided a mosquito net for the entrance door.

These two left pics are again looking towards the back from the front. Range hood close up on the right.

In the picture above is the inside of the side kitchen cupboard.

On the left here is the side cupboard door for the kitchen cabinet above.

On the right I opened it.

These are the cupboards right above the kitchen sink.

This is storage area on the left is the USB charging area across from the range hood and  just above the range top exhaust is a slim storage area.

And now a closeup of the range hood front.

These are the three door storage cupboards on each side of the camper above the seating area. You can see the orange electrical conduit I have placed inside these cupboards routing the 12v and 220v circuits separate in the camper.

This starts the section of my blue accent lighting for the whole camper.

My camera freaks out under blue lighting doesn't it lol?