Creations for the House

This was one of my first projects that was a trial and error process because it is so custom made that each chair has its own dimensions despite my cutting the materials the same size. I had not devised a way to be consistent in the bending of the seat areas etc.

I used a black and silver and grey color of Mosaic tile to top the table and chairs with and the table is grouted with with masonry grout while the chairs I used a white silicone caulk because they flex and I didn't want the grout falling out over time.

So above is a project in progress. I'm fabricating a wood stove for the chilly nights here in the Philippines. It will also heat water when I'm done.

We have four ankle biters. three Shitzu's and a Shitzoodle. They love little forts to cozy up in and sleep as you can see Rocky in the one picture.

The forts for the dogs are just made up of two matching wash tubs riveted together to form a fort.

This unit here is a power station or emergency power unit that has a 100ah Lithium Ion battery in it with a 1500 watt Bosca inverter. I incorporated a PWM solar charger controller for charging the unit with solar panels and having 3 USB outlets for charging phones. I incorporated a 12v cigarette style power outlet and the Bosca 1500 watt unit of course has a 220v outlet. I made two different style input hookups for two different style of solar panels for charging with solar and it can also be charged with a regular battery charger I have in the case.

These are some 100watt speakers I built from basically leftovers of various things. The only thing that is new on them are the tweeters with the red circle on it and on the inside is a three way crossover to divide the frequencies for the bass, mid-range and tweeters. They sound booming and clear!

Here we have first, a food storage shelf I made out of 1/2 galvanized pipe and angle iron. Then the water stand is an older creation I made when I had made, DIY'd a Wood Lathe out of a washer motor. I have since dismantled it because I have a real bought lathe.

This is a shelving unit made from 1-1/2inch and 3/4inch L aluminum and then covered with wood grain wallpaper. I made it to fit on top of my desk at the time for holding specifically my computer printer and other things.

When we found a house in Tuguegarao to rent, the landlord had not finished the kitchen and so I had to come up with a system to hold our kitchen amenities. Thus you see the commercial white square grid that is used to display store items put together in such a fashion that it provides hanging area for utensils, shelving for pans, and racks for condiments and things. I incorporated aluminum round tubing to nylon tie across the shelving for stability and weight distribution. The whole system is held together with nylon ties and has worked well so far. I had to put a minimum of 2 plastic mollies in the wall on each end to hold fast the straight grid panels that are holding the hanging racks for condiments and utensils.

This rack made with 1 -1/2 aluminum L is for our beverage cups and coffee cups and on top other items. 

The two pictures on the left is a shelf made with 1-1/2 aluminum L that holds various items on the counter in the cooking area.

This picture shows my cord holder so we can have easy access to the cord ends for plugging them in. Before, they would hand down in the tight space between the shelves and were hard to reach.

This picture above is a shelving unit I made that sits behind the kitchen door to the outside that holds some storage for various housewares and stuff.  On all of the Aluminum angle shelving I was able to purchase from Lazada the black L shaped rubber feet!

These were one of my first creations for decorative placing before the wife had so many plants. Now they are upstairs in the hallway.