Latest Van Upgrade

So on the right is the new shower accessory for non-heated showers. And the pictures below show the shower curtain that goes around the outside of the back door. We can completely enclose that area for privacy and shower at the back.

We changed the covering on our seat/bed cushions. The new coverings aren't as fragile and clean off by brushing with a willow style brush. If you haven't noticed by now, the dogs love our new little camper van!

The rear pull out drawer comes out 36" or 3ft. Perfect for our cooking outside and yet out of the rain.

In these next pictures I have finally mounted a 9" Stapon radio with all the amenities including Bluetooth and WiFi and my wife can Facebook in the van with a WiFi connection. If you look around we have a 4 channel speaker system front and rear with the rear having left and right and the front having left and right stereo imaging.

The picture above on the left shows our 1000watt puresine inverter it also doubles as a battery charger for the LI batteries if we want to plug it in.

We now have 4 cameras for our van. One on each side at the back on the roof attached to the rim of the solar panels, 1 below the license plate for backup viewing, and 1 as a dash cam in the front to take video of the on coming road and traffic. Amazing stuff!

You can only see the outside lighting where it shines but I have installed outside intruder lights to scare someone away if we're inside and we hear noises, I can light up 360 degrees around the van and in front I have a long 300watt flood light. 2 on the back, 3 on each side and a huge flood light in the front!

So on the left I'm showing the back of the Van I put a 3" lift on and soon the front for a bigger tire set, probably 14". Then three pictures on the right is the removable steering hub I added to the custom steering wheel. Guess if I take it with me, no one could ever steal the van ehy?

Above is a new 9" Stapon flat screen radio with WiFi and Bluetooth and GPS for travel if needed. I have the GPS unit along with an antenna mounted up on the roof.

This is the drivers area .

These are the new cupboard doors I cut into part of the bed to be able to access the storage space if the van back door is not open and we can't pull out the 3 foot drawer. They weren't completed in this picture I added a beauty ring on one of the finger holes later.

In these pictures you can see the new stainless beauty panels on the outside door posts I did to give it a more custom look.