Kia 2500 Conv. pg.5

So I wanted a bumper on the back to avoid worse damage if someone rear ended me. I had found a 4" Galvanized pipe at the metal scrap yard and grabbed it. after getting it home it was the perfect length after I cut off the one ugly end that had the pipe threads on it! After close scrutiny and trying different positions, it came to me that I could insert the stock step of the Kia into the bumper thereby strengthening both. I did not weld it to the bumper in case later on i needed to take it off for some reason. which just might come soon as I have a hitch receiver part I want to mount so I can use my hitch.

So the bumper was first painted a dark Grey, but I ran out of it and couldn't find anymore, so I switched to Black.

My next item was installing the 14" x 14" roof vent and the only choice was at the back corners because of the center AC ducting they use that runs smack dab down the center of the rear box of the truck. I have now removed it,  but If I ever had to put it back, I didn't want the roof vent in the way.

Above is the steps I re-invented by modifying a kitchen step ladder and then re-enforcing the steps with aluminum. It's just enough to hold my weight!

ABove are pictures of the newest addon, my mosquito net for the back entranceway!