KIA 2500 Conv. pg.2

I ordered a set of decals from Shoppee for the KIA. You can see what the pattern is supposed to look like after I figured it out from the ad and laid them out o the floor. I wasn't exactly pleased with this pattern so I ended up altering it to my own liking. You can see the final installation below!

What yo see here is me testing the set pattern by magets on the side of the KIA to see if I liked it! Wasn't as eye pleasing as I thought it might be sooooo!

Tested other forms as well! 

This was my final decision and installation!

Next I made another very simple slide out for cooking on from the one I removed from the Suzuki. See below left.

On the right is the first framing I did for a future kitchen sink and porta potty space! I used 1.5" Aluminum L.

Above is the cabinet I pulled out of the Suzuki, to be remodeled as of yet!

Above is the partially walled Kitchen cabinets!

Above is the picture of the walls I decided to create between the sleep area and the rest of the camper.