Suzuki Scrum Multicab

These three pictures were of this Japanese surplus chop chop truck as it was chosen and starting to be re-assembled, ugly huh?

The pictures above were part of the assembly phase.

I will testify now that the contractor that this company used, that seems to go by the name of Jazz Concepts or Tazz Concepts are less than adequate in assembling a Japanese Surplus truck from shipped in parts. Cebu AAmotors Trading Corp. & Jazz Concepts!

In the picture above on the left, I have removed the plaque that the company I had assemble the truck with had put on it. Can you guess why I don't want anything advertising their terrible customer service and assembly? I WAS NOT HAPPY!

The radio seems to be ok, 60x4 with USB and Bluetooth. I  was very disturbed by the fact the cigarette lighter 12v power was not even hooked up and when I found the wired under the dash and hooked it up, it still didn't work!

When I picked up the Truck in Manila, I soon found out the chop chop vehicles sit around somewhere in a scrapyard before their parts are bought and shipped that it takes a little while once put back on the road to get the engine juices flowing again. I couldn't get the truck to go over 60klms per hour for the first 30 to 40 minutes unless I was going down hill. It soon learned to go faster!