More Creations

This is what you do when you live in the Philippines and you only own a motorcycle LOL! I called this my back-pack side bags! We were loaded so heavy I had to watch out not to turn too sharp!

The following pictures above are of the everyday stuff you need and use and I will start out by displaying our make shift kitchen shelves and utility racks.

When you rent, and your landlord has never lived in the house and personalized it with nice kitchen cupboards and storage, then you do what you have to to make it work. All that was here was an L shaped counter and the kitchen sink when we moved in. So I went to unitop and upon viewing the commercial racks they sold to display merchandise, my brain started turning!

So these are all racks set up and nylon tied together using round aluminum tubing to nylon tie to the horizontals to give the racks strength in order to hold the pans.

The clip on racks on the left and in the other pictures of all sizes are very handy for condiments, spices, and cooking needs to have handy when needed.

This is just a cup shelf for different size cups made from L aluminum.

These been around long enough to get abused by the environment, but I made these originally as decorations for the living room before my wife had a plant collection.

So above here is a shelf I had originally made for my desk downstairs before I had a 32" Sony Bravia TV for my PC monitor. After making it, I meticulously covered it with wood grain wall paper.

This set of pictures are a shelf I made, again out of L aluminum to hold a wine glass rack and other misc dishes.

And on the left here I made a cord holder so we didn't have to keep scrounging for the ends of our cords where we have several appliances in one spot because of the electrical plug location.

And the shelf above is probably one of my last in-the-house needed shelves for a space we had behind the kitchen door to utilize in a better fashion for storage. On the right bottom is a makeshift set of steps I made a long time ago as the step up to get out of the kitchen was meant for Hulk, not a human lol!