The Next phase of the Suzuki

So I started installing all the framing Using Aluminum L of different widths to make the upper cabinets and storage. The pics above is the storage area frames above the drivers and passengers seats and in the back of the van.

These 6 pictures above encompass the storage bin above the side entrance door and the storage cupboard above the sink!

The two upper left show the two center lights for the whole back of the van.

So these following 2 pictures below are of the mirrored stainless steel panels I used as shelving for the upper front storage. 

I still need to polish all the Aluminum framing now. A fine steel wool makes it look good.

I installed a new single switch as you can see in the center picture that turns on the new cab light. In the middle is the lousy stock cab light which is lite!

These pictures are of an accessory light I put in the cab that was really needed for two purposes. It's high enough now to light up the upper storage tray and lights the cab up great! The stock light that came above the rear view mirror is terrible.

In the below pictures it displays the new mosquito screens I have put on all the windows so if we sleep in there at night, NO BUGS! All screens can be ripped off and re-stuck on because of a velcro like strip tape that comes with the screens.

The drivers and passenger door screens, and basically all the van screens can be removed and re-attached at will.