Homemade tools

The tools I made below were concocted out of need when I first moved here to the Philippines because I was not seeing them in the market. Then I eventually found the right tools to replace them all. Thus, these are relics now hehehe!

So 3 pictures above was the first little drill press I made.

This above was used for holding my work and also had an angel cutter for a cutoff saw.

These are just improvised tools I made for different tasks!

I wanted a wood lathe and so I found an old washing machine and used the motors. One for the lathe, another for a disc sander.

Watch my motor end stock transform the way it holds the work as you go down!

Some of my beginning test pieces in the wood lathe!

As time went on, I found I had to modify the way the work was held and centered in to lathe!

Then, in the left pictures above, I found I had to spring load the tail piece because for some unknown reason my projects would work their way loose and mess up the turning.

This last method of holding the work was the best, a center point, and 4 angle aluminum pieces that I just sawed a cross in the end of any piece I wanted to turn and it was steady!

Then I got an idea to make some drill stand clamps for holding pieces for drilling!

This was going to be a smelting fire pot, but it never matured as I got away from trying to do blacksmithing because of other projects.

Above was a combination table saw, router table and eventually a wood planing table. I mounted a hand skill saw under it upside down, and then my router, and then my hand electric planer.

I had decided I needed some tools boxes for storage and so with wood and sheet steel I began my planning and building and still use them today.

This little jem above has been priceless. I went to the metal scrap yard in Tuguegarao a couple times to gather different materials so I could eventually weld me up a nice pedestal anvil! It's a heavy bugger!

This was a garden trailer above ended up holding  my wife's plants! It evolved from left overs from the center car!

Below is the metal bender for making round pieces I made after several ventures in You Tube to see others DIY benders. I regret I didn't give it two sides with the wheels in the middle, but it still works quite well as you can see from the picture besides this text box!